Fancy your own full-scale lunar module?

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Space Toys' full scale lunar model replicas will set the buyer back a cool US$89,000.

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Anyone with a serious fondness for the moon landings and the craft that got us there, or even just those with a penchant for big toys, will be sure to sit up and take notice at Space Toys built to order full scale lunar modules.

The authentic replicas are built to order and can be matched to a particular lunar mission. Promising “amazing detail and fantastic authenticity” the units are available with or without a complete interior. One may need to have a little room spare though, as they measure around 20ft high and 30ft wide. And while the fully customizable units do cost a lot less than the hundreds of millions of dollars of their original counterparts, buyers are looking at parting with a cool US$89,000 should they choose to live out their Neil Armstrong fantasies.

If you're looking to downsize, there's also a one fifth scale replica on offer for around US10K.

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