Nobody likes tangled, kinked cables, but you know what they do like? Credit card-sized devices, that they can keep in their wallet. Well, Thinium’s new Charge is a credit card-format smartphone wall charger, that does away with cables.

Spied by Gizmag at CE Week in New York yesterday, the device features either a Lighting or micro USB plug on the bottom of its pop-out cradle. When the phone rests in that cradle, the plug engages the phone’s charging port.


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To plug the Charge into a wall outlet, you just flip out the retractable prongs on its backside. It sits in the outlet at a slight bottom-out angle, which helps keep the phone in place by tipping it back. You can also plug it into a computer, using a pull-out USB dongle on its side. In either case, it proceeds to deliver a 1-amp quick charge to the phone.

The Thinium Charge is now available for pre-order, priced at US$49.99. Buyers can choose between black, white and gold models.

Source: Thinium

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