An ambitious new extreme sports park concept designed by Los Angeles studio M-Rad envisions sustainable power, a shipping container-based luxury hotel, and a variety of sports facilities. Should the proposal become reality, it would be constructed on a sizable 42-acre (17-hectare) plot, just a half block away from the Las Vegas strip.

The Vegas Extreme Sports Park proposal calls for three large towers constructed from shipping containers. One tower will house a growing farm, with the resulting produce sold for profit, while the other two serve as luxury hotels, complete with private infinity pools and rooftop bar.


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Adventurous types will be able to partake in the five surf rider wave pools, three zip lines, BMX tracks, skatepark, whitewater rafting and wake-boarding. Each of the activity areas are physically linked by an "XDeck" (a raised platform), containing space for the necessary mechanical equipment and retail sections.

M-Rad also calls for solar power and wind turbines to produce enough energy to provide 85 percent of its energy needs. This seems a tall order, and is probably best taken with a grain of salt, but this huge project does offer an interesting perspective on a possible future of sustainable, large-scale attractions.

Source: M-Rad via Inhabitat

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