Volvo joins BMW and VW in offering support for wearables

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Volvo has joined VW and BMW in offering an app for wearables such as Apple Watch and Android Wear

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With the growth of wearable technology, car manufacturers are pushing to integrate support for devices into their vehicles. With similar capabilities to the apps released by VW and BMW, Volvo has jumped aboard with an update to its On Call app, which now works with Android Wear and Apple Watch.

Just like VW and BMW's offerings, Volvo's updated app gives vehicle owners the ability to set a timer for the heater and air conditioning, so you can step into a comfortable interior temperature whatever the exterior conditions. On Call will also let you check your fuel level and expected range, a feature which both BMW and Volkswagen have also applied to their electric cars in an effort to combat range anxiety.

The app's reach is broader than just heating and cooling the car, as it will also allow owners to lock and unlock their cars, and will direct owners back to their cars in a busy parking garage. Users can also send navigation details to the car's nav system from their phone or watch.

Volvo will release the app update, which includes Apple Watch and Android Wear compatibility, as well as support for Cortana on Windows Phone, at the end of June.

Source: Volvo

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