Currently in its third generation, the Jeep Wrangler is instantly recognizable. A descendent of the Willys Jeep of the Second World War, the Wrangler entered the market in 1987 on the YJ chassis and progressed through the TJ and current JK chassis. Jeep has teased its fourth-generation Wrangler coming for 2018, which will be built on a new JL chassis and debut at the LA Auto Show on November 29.

The teaser photos shown of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler show that it will remain heavily influenced by its iconic design with a slotted grille, round headlamps, and square body shape with trapezoidal fenders. It's also clear that the compact two-door Wrangler and the mid-sized four-door Wrangler Unlimited will remain the norm for the new design.

Changes apparent in the photos are a more compact look, either because the vehicles really has been shrunken some or because the design elements make for a smaller-looking rig. The hood seems a bit shorter in comparison to the rest of the Wrangler's body length, and the rear overhang appears smaller than on the current-generation of the Jeep. The windscreen also appears a bit more raked and less perpendicular to the ground versus the current model and and the rear roll bar has a stronger curve down into the body.

Angles on the fenders are also more rounded off, matching that curve on the roll bar, and the door openings are more curved and missing the squared edges seen on the current model. The removed doors, lowered windscreen, and lack of a roof in the photos of the Wrangler Rubicon two-door make it clear that the new-generation retains those capabilities.

The overhead shot of that same model shows a thickened central cross beam for the roll bars, but the inward-canting rear of the pillar remains from classic Jeeps of old. The hood line is flatter and more square than the current-gen vehicle, and the bumper far less pronounced up front. Details of the hood can be seen as well, showing that the new Rubicon hood has backward-facing vents and fewer rough edges compared to the current 2017 model.

Photos of the 2018 Wrangler Unlimited model show a hardtop installed along with all four doors. The front grille looks like a mixture of the outgoing 2017 Wrangler's slotted grille and the new-generation slotted grille found on the current-generation Grand Cherokee and Compass models. Lamps in the front fenders are integrated across the fascia, as are less pronounced fog lamps in the bumper below. It also appears that the Jeep Wrangler will retain its flat-roofed, mostly square-bodied look.

At SEMA, were a new line of accessories from Mopar that will be released alongside the 2018 Jeep Wrangler were revealed. They include all of the usual suspects in terms of lighting additions, decals, suspension upgrades, and more.

Jeep also hinted at the long-rumored and mostly confirmed plans for a hybrid option in the new Wrangler by saying "advanced fuel-efficient powertrains" will be available alongside more "open-air options."

Until the LA Motor Show on November 29, it's unlikely find out much more.

Source: Jeep

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