For those all-important late-night cravings when you really want a cupcake one bakery in Beverly Hills has come up with a solution: a cupcake vending machine. Claiming to be the "world's first cupcake automat," the 24 Hour Sprinkles is a cupcake machine owned by the Sprinkles bakery that dispenses not only fresh-baked cupcakes, but also cupcake mixes, apparel, and even cupcakes for your canine companion, around the clock.

Launching soon, the cupcake machine will be continuously stocked throughout the day and night with fresh baked goods, so visiting during off-hours doesn't mean you'll end up with a less than stellar dessert. The machine will be sandwiched between Sprinkles Cupcakes (a bakery open traditional business hours) and the company's new Sprinkles Ice Cream.

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