French architect Richard Guilbault recently renovated a small apartment in Paris that measures just 30 sq m (322 sq ft) and offers a nice example of how much home can be fit into a relatively small space. 30m2 Flat in Paris makes up for its unimaginative name with an inspired interior design that includes moveable furniture, a folding bed, and a tiny bathroom.

Completed earlier this year, 30m2 Flat in Paris is located in the city's 18th arrondissement. The apartment was renovated for a young couple and originally contained four dark and cramped rooms, but Richard Guilbault knocked the interior walls down in favor of a mostly open-plan layout.

The main living space takes up the lion's share of the apartment and includes a kitchen area with a dining table that's set on wheels and can be moved to make more floorspace available for dancing, exercising or playing computer games. An entire wall of this room is dominated by a cabinet unit which opens to reveal a hidden television, wine rack, refrigerator, and clothing rails.

The snug bathroom measures just 2.3 sq m (24 sq ft) and includes a toilet, sink, and shower, but no bath. The bedroom area is dominated by a double bed that can be raised, Murphy bed style (and a little like the 5:1 Apartment), to reveal a large storage space. The bedroom is sealed off from the rest of the snug apartment with a sliding door, but the owner's cat has its own entrance to a crawlspace that lies beneath the bedroom.

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