3D Radio records and analyzes multiple radio stations

3D Radio records and analyzes ...
3D Radio - coming to a car near you?
3D Radio - coming to a car near you?
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3D Radio - coming to a car near you?
3D Radio - coming to a car near you?

January 10, 2007 3D Radio, the Tivo-like technology that allows users to record and playback content from multiple radio stations, has made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The system can record AM, FM, Satellite and HD radio signals, as well as any audio on upcoming Wi-Max and 700 MHz radio stations. It digitizes and records in real-time, allowing instant pausing, rewinding and playback.

The system gives users a freedom of navigation by scanning stations for the most recent traffic reports, providing information on songs and concerts, skipping adverts and content identified as annoying, and making station recommendations based on your personal profile.

Not only does 3D Rado allow users to appreciate content from multiple sources, it also lets you listen to content at your leisure. If you have to turn off the radio in the middle of a captivating discussion, you can rewind it later and pick up where you left off.

A system that automatically records a large amount of data can be cumbersome if it lacks the means to organize it. 3D Radio avoids this dilemma by analyzing the harmonic content, rhythmic content and power levels of audio, which allows it to accurately mark the beginning and end of different segments. This can be used to notify users when a favorite song starts playing on a different radio station, or to automatically edit out an annoying advert from the saved audio.

3D Radio also brings in relevant information from outside sources. Data included in digital radio broadcasts is displayed on the unit, and a web and telephone interface allows users to communicate with radio stations and other listeners. Additionally, the 3D Radio website lets users access concert and music information, enter contests, and download MP3s. A USB port would allow users transfer information to and from their PC, or transfer their profiles to from one model to another.

The company is demonstrating the 3D Radio technology at the CES and is hoping to attract a hardware developer, with the aim of putting it on the market by the end of this year.

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