Danish architectural company 3XN has broken ground on an ambitious project in Mumbai that comprises two large sustainable mixed-use residential towers. Boasting an attractive intertwined design that brings to mind entangled trees, the plan is for Grove Towers to actually act almost like trees too – thanks to its sizable vertical gardens that are said to clean the local air.

The Grove Towers project features retail areas in the lower floors, which give way to mixed-use spaces before the towers rise and narrow into residential apartments. There are 273 apartments in total, and all feature at least two different views, mostly looking toward the north and west.

The lower floors join together in a way that's intended to (and judging by the renders at least, successfully does) recall intertwining roots of the mangrove trees native to the general area. Both towers measure 136 m (446 ft) in height, and contain a total of 77,000 sq m floorspace (828,000 sq ft), spread over 38 stories.

As befits a project which derives inspiration from nature, the Grove Towers sport a novel facade that's said to reduce direct solar heat gain while maximizing natural ventilation. In addition, the lower sections of the towers will be home to over 2,500 sq m (27,000 sq ft) of vertical gardens which 3XN reckons will be sufficient to lower the local levels of CO2 in congested Mumbai and clean the air around the tower. We'll aim to provide more information on how this works as the project progresses.

3XN is hoping to receive the LEED Gold standard of energy certification once the project is completed in 2017.

Source: 3XN

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