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Sunbrite's 46 inch 1080p full-HD outdoor TV

Sunbrite's 46 inch 1080p full-...
The SunBrite 4610HD
The SunBrite 4610HD
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The SunBrite 4610HD
The SunBrite 4610HD

April 22, 2008 This isn’t the first outdoor TV we’ve covered – and it's unlikely to be the last. The new 4610HD from SunBrite is a 46-inch all-weather LCD television which, like previous models, is designed with a corrosion resistant, powder-coated aluminum exterior that protects the internal TV components from rain, dirt, insects, and extreme temperature ranges. Now hammock potatoes can enjoy their outdoor viewing in full HD as the 4610HD is SunBrite’s first full 1080p full-HD model. It also features a baffled and filtered dual-fan airflow system to quietly keep the unit cool in temperatures up to 122 degrees F while, in extremely cold climates, the internal thermostatically-controlled heater activates automatically when the TV’s internal temperature dips to 32 degrees F, allowing the TV to safely remain outdoors in temperatures as low as -24 degrees F.

SunBriteTV’s innovative watertight cable entry system and cable pass-through design ensures quick and easy hook-up to a wide selection of video inputs, including two HDMI cables, component, VGA, S-video, composite, RF, RS232 serial, and discrete IRcontrol. The operating controls are also sealed against rain and moisture and the 4610’s high-definition LCD screen displays an extra-bright 1920 x 1080 pixel image with 2000:1 contrast ratio. The screen is also protected by an anti-reflective, impact and scratch-resistant window that is built into the exterior, ensuring any birds crashing into any screenshots of a pristine sky get more than they bargained for.

The 4610HD includes a removable table stand, a water-resistant remote control with long-life lithium batteries, and a one-year, in-factory, parts and labor warranty. SunBriteTV offers optional articulating and non-articulating wall mounts and ceiling mounts and a deck/planter pole mount is also available. The pole can be set in concrete, a planter, or bolted directly to a flat surface like a patio or pool deck. The pole and supporting flange for the 46” model are made from zinc-plated steel and are powder-coated to eliminate corrosion.

The 4610HD is available now with a suggested retail price of US$5495.

For further info visit SunBriteTV.

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