The old adage that there’s more than one way to skin a cat was borne out at Eurobike 2013 with two companies showing racing helmets that each take a slightly different approach to integrating visors. Both systems allow the visor to be moved out of the way while riding, but one flips out of the way, while the second retracts into the helmet.

Casco SPEEDmask

Casco’s patented SPEEDmask mechanism connects the visor to the helmet with elastic so it can be flipped up over the front of the helmet by pulling forward and lifting. When lowered, Casco says the visor’s snug fit prevents air swirling around the earpieces and provides an unimpeded view for the wearer.

Designed to completely replace sunglasses, the SPEEDmask visor is mirrored and tinted to provide UV400 protection and includes anti-glare and anti-fog technology. The visors can also be removed completely and are easy to replace with three different tints available.

Casco includes the flip-up SPEEDmask in its current SPEEDairo and SPEEDtime models – €250 (US$330) and €360 (US$475) respectively – and will also feature it in the new entry-level SPEEDster unit that is set for a release in Europe in early 2014.

ABUS In-Vizz

ABUS (the company responsible for the Kranium cardboard-core helmet) takes a slightly different approach to visor integration with its In-Vizz racing helmet, which features a sliding mechanism that is easy to use with one hand.

The In-Vizz helmet allows the visor to be retracted into the helmet itself, with retraction or extraction a simple matter of pushing the slider on the top of the helmet in the appropriate direction. The high-impact polycarbonate visor is also user-replaceable, with ABUS planning to release different tints in the future.

Bernard Frankrone from ABUS said the In-Vizz is part of a concerted effort by the company to target the race market more than it has in the past. To this end, it trialed the helmet with pro team riders as well as mountain bike riders and says that the response has been positive.

The Eurobike 2013 award panel was also impressed, bestowing the In-Vizz with the Gold award in the accessories category.

ABUS will be releasing the In-Vizz in Germany in early 2014 with other markets to follow. It will be available in green, white or black and retail for €129.

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