Finding the right foundation makeup can be a real chore – or at least, so we're told. Users have to select a shade that looks like a close-enough match to their natural skin tone, perhaps just to find out later that it isn't. Additionally, even if it is a match when they buy it, factors such as tanning of the skin can change that fact over time. That's why Adorn was invented. It's a portable "3D makeup printer" that creates foundation makeup, custom-toned to the user.

Users start by using Adorn's built-in optical sensor to scan their face, allowing the device to "read" the skin tone. It then mixes a variety of hues of foundation (contained in a replaceable cartridge), in order to reproduce that color. Finally, the blended foundation is dispensed directly onto the user's fingertips (or cosmetics sponge), minimizing waste.

Because the scanning process can be repeated as often as desired, the color of the makeup can change as users' skin tone does throughout the year.

The pen-format device itself is waterproof, can run for "weeks" on one charge of its built-in battery, and reportedly works with all skin colors. It's available now for preorder, priced at US$139. The planned retail price is $279, with refill cartridges going for $20 a pop.

For examples of similar systems, check out Mink and Moda – both of which also appear to still be in preproduction.

Source: Adorn

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