It's not uncommon for cyclists to carry snacks, phones, wallets or other items in a handlebar-mounted bag when out for a ride. Unfortunately, though, putting a block-shaped bag right on the front of the bike doesn't do wonders for its aerodynamics. That's why Slovenian inventor Joze Petkovsek created the Speed Up Bag. Not only is it sleeker than a regular bag, but a bicycle equipped with one is claimed to produce less wind drag than one with no bag at all.

The base version of the bag has a waterproof plastic body, a capacity of four liters, and a zippered opening in the back, facing the rider. There's no word on weight. Plans call for it to be available in a variety of colors, plus a lighter, pricier carbon fiber version is also being offered.

According to Petkovsek and his business partners, the drag coefficient of the Speed Up Bag is 60 percent lower than that of a standard handlebar bag. Additionally, use of one of the bags is said to lower the rider's own drag by approximately 15 percent, as it channels air away from the concave wind-catching surface of their chest and abdomen. This reportedly results in an average cycling speed increase of 6 percent, or 10 percent more range in the case of an electric bike.

It's quite similar in principle to the Zzipper, a handlebar-mounted clear Lexan fairing that's been available for decades – although a Zzipper can't hold your stuff.

Joze is currently raising production funds for the Speed Up Bag, on Indiegogo. A pledge of US$269 will get you one, when and if they're ready to go – if you want a carbon fiber model, you'll have to offer up $399.

More information is available in the pitch video below.

Source: Indiegogo

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