Securing your backpack to protect your valuables just makes sense, but keys are easy to lose and combinations easy to forget. Italian company Agazzi Designs has integrated a less forgettable approach into what it bills as the first urban backpack with an anti-theft fingerprint scanner, built to ensure only those with the correct prints gain access to its contents.

Hitting Kickstarter today, the Agazzi Pro is a stylish, minimalist and water-resistant backpack with a 23-liter capacity. Inside is a laptop compartment along with a larger main compartment and 15 different pockets. Rotating shoulder straps should make for a more comfortable wear, as will an adjustable chest strap and anti-slip buckles.

The USB-rechargeable fingerprint lock is its flagship feature, and allows owners to prevent access to anyone without the authorized prints in much the same way as a modern smartphone might. Another handy security feature is a retractable steel cable that can be used to both lock up all of the bag's different compartments or secure the whole thing to a pole.

With a dedicated power bank pocket and hidden channels weaving their way throughout the bag, the Agazzi Pro is also designed to neatly charge mobile devices while on the go. Alternatively, this power can be diverted to lights on both the inside, so you can see your belongings as you rifle through them, and the outside, so you can be seen at night when walking or riding a bike.

With the crowdfunding campaign for the Agazzi Pro kicking off today, Agazzi Designs is offering four variations of the backpack, but early pledges for the version carrying the fingerprint scanner and light is are set at £189 (around US$250). If everything runs to plan, the company will start shipping in October.

You can check out the pitch video below.

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