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System locks down schools in response to gunshots

System locks down schools in r...
AIMS is intended to thwart shooters entering schools
AIMS is intended to thwart shooters entering schools
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AIMS is intended to thwart shooters entering schools
AIMS is intended to thwart shooters entering schools

It's a sad fact that school shootings are becoming a semi-regular occurrence in the US. While there are varying opinions on what to do about the problem, Intrusion Technologies' Active Intruder Mitigation System (AIMS) is designed to minimize casualties when a shooter does enter a school.

Now in its fifth generation, AIMS in installed in a school or workplace, either as a stand-alone setup with its own cameras, or working in conjunction with an existing video security system.

There are different ways of triggering it. First of all, on-site users can press a button on one of several emergency activation stations, at the first sign of trouble. Alternatively, personnel at an on- or off-site command center, viewing feeds from the school's security cameras, can set it off as needed. Or, the system can be set to activate itself automatically, upon detecting the sound of gunshots.

Once AIMS is triggered, several things happen. On appropriately-outfitted rooms, the doors will automatically close and magnetically lock, turning those areas into "safe rooms." An audio system then provides verbal instructions to the occupants. And while first responders are able to manually override the lock on the door, other people can't do so from the outside.

Additionally, a siren and flashing LED light trees let people throughout the building know to get out. The system also automatically notifies police and provides them with a live video feed, plus it sends out notifications to parents, etc. by text and/or email.

Finally, if the high-end Elite version of AIMS is being used, police or security personnel can get it to disperse a non-irritating fog in common areas, disorienting the attacker.

The system is demonstrated in the video below.

Source: Intrusion Technologies

2018 AIMS Promo Video REVISED

Joshua Tulberg
Humans are already trained to lock doors at the sound of gunfire.
Fires used to be a thing that mattered. What happened was building code requirements implemented strict fire code requirements and now when is the last time a major school fire claimed lives? Schools were never built with the need to stop active shooters in mind and that's what needs to be fixed. Schools have glass front doors that can be shot through with no metal screen mesh that prevents entering once the glass is broken. Doors can be shut but the last reports have people getting shot through doors trying to stop attackers. You have parents trying to equip children with bullet proof backpacks but why can't we fit doors with plates intended to stop gunfire? It's unfortunate but we need to design schools with the ability to quarantine and suppress active shooters. Teachers desktops can be manufactured with a material that will allow them to be pushed against a door to help block gunfire. Walls are made of cement and lined with tile. Having children sacrifice themselves holding wooden doors shut is not the answer.
The person in your lead photo is going to shot himself in the arse - finger off trigger until target is identified and then engaged. A self inflicted arse shot would be very embarrassing !
Maybe employ some of your returned veterans as school security instead of throwing them on the scrap heap.
HK resident
I don't think the door system makes any sense. It'll be cheaper and safer to have a good mechanical locking system that can be operated from inside the classroom. What if the door locks out some people, who could still be safed, but the electronic lock can't be opened by anyone other than first responders? Sitting ducks....
Thanks possum1. I was going to mention the same thing about the finger being on the trigger long before it needs to be there.
What happens when the system triggers with the shooter in a room full of kids? He gets locked in with his victims?
Adrian Pineda
Wouldn't it just be simpler to execute anybody who shoots somebody on a campus? Even if they only wounded them.
First off, that guy in the photo (OBVIOUSLY not a gun owner) is going to blow his buttcheek off with his finger on the trigger like that. Second, a simple bolt latch inside the classroom would be much safer, since the teacher could release children if the shooter were able to make it inside the door prior to AIMS triggering. It's also a whole lot cheaper. Third, once AIMS was triggered, what happens to those children who had not made it into the classroom and now find the door closed and locked, with no way to open it by those inside?
No, $500 worth of latch bolts (such as the National Mfg N165506 Slide/Sliding Bolt Door/Gate Latch, Satin Black. Price: $9.27 & FREE Amazon shipping) and a day of the school's maintenance person to install them is far cheaper and safer than that vastly expensive system which would require $100k worth of mods to be installed. They already have alert software for use on everyone's phones and public speaking system in schools. Intrusion Tech stands to make billions over something much more easily handled.
If you want to stop school killings, stop bullying. Student bodies CREATE school shooters. Kids can be bloody monsters to other less advantaged kids who are perceived as "inferior."
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Most of these shooters have a "Carrie" syndrome, where an elite clique is actively berating them, causing them to have a program to get even. If they have sufficient moral grounding, the will throw the lid on this.
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