Amazon introduced the latest addition to its Echo lineup today. The new Echo Look is targeting the fashion-conscious with a voice-activated camera and a Style Check service that combines machine learning algorithms with personalized outfit advice.

The Echo Look is sized for positioning on a tabletop or dresser; its voice-operated camera lets you snap pics hands-free so you can take a better look at your clothing. The camera adds software-based bokeh effects to help you stand out from the background (but based on sample images on the product page, the depth-of-field effect is not very convincing).

Once you've snapped your photos, you can sort them in a personal lookbook on the accompanying app. The app also includes Style Check, which provides feedback on what you're wearing based on smart algorithms and advice from human fashion professionals.

The company has not said so, but the Echo Look is almost certainly an avenue for selling clothing on Amazon. Once it learns what you like, it could give you targeted purchasing suggestions for making snap purchases through Alexa, Amazon's app or the company's website.

Since the Echo Look is likely to be used in a bedroom or other common changing area, and hacking the camera could potentially give malicious viewers a live look into your space, the device could give rise to heightened privacy concerns.

The Echo Look sells for US$199.99 and is currently available by invitation only. You can request an invitation through Amazon now, but there is no official confirmation of a full release quite yet. Learn more in the video below.

Product page: Amazon

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