Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite comes with a generous amount of storage capable of holding more than enough reading material for the average user, unless that user happens to be a devout consumer of the Japanese comics, that is. To accommodate cartoon-lovers of the Pacific island nation, Amazon has today released a 32 GB model of the Kindle Paperwhite, optimized to handle the image-intensive stories of the manga genre.

The limited Japan-only Kindle features the same 300 ppi (pixel-per-inch) e-ink display of the 2016 Paperwhite, but with eight times the storage. This, Amazon says, is enough space to hold the entire volumes of the popular Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo, Asari-chan and Naruto series, which together add up to hundreds of issues.

In addition to all that extra storage, Amazon says the new model also features page turning that is 33 percent faster than its traditional Kindle software, and that users can skip over the boring parts more quickly, at a rate of seven pages per second.

Only available in Japan, the Kindle Paperwhite cartoon model is up for preorder today and is priced at ¥ 16,280 (US$156), or ¥12,280 (US$118) for Amazon prime members.

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