If there’s one thing besides the retreat of my hairline and expansion of my waist that makes me wish I was a kid again, it’s the seemingly endless supply of cool toys that today’s youngsters have to entertain them. While I was forced to make do with a stick and a piece of string growing up, the children of today get to enjoy toys like the transforming Amphibious Tank – a remote controlled tank that is as happy on land is it is in the bathtub and comes complete with a water cannon to smite your enemies.

On land the tank employs four-wheel drive and independently controlled left and right wheels that give it the ability to pull off 360-degree spins on the fly. If your foes flee dry land to escape the barrage from the vehicle’s water cannon you can simply drive after them -fold up the wheels with a push of the "Transmutation" button on the controller and you’re ready to fire up the twin propellers to give chase.

The Amphibious Tank features a remote control range of around 65 feet (20m) and is powered by a rechargeable battery pack consisting of six AA batteries that provides for 20 minutes of continuous operation. While the vehicle can be driven straight into the nearest river, lake or swimming pool, the beach is off limits as salt water will damage the tank. Also, although the tank is obviously designed to be used on water, it is not completely waterproof and may not survive complete submersion.

The Amphibious Tank is available direct from Chinavasion for around USD$22.

Darren Quick

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