We’re both a watched and watchful society. In spite of the Big Brother overtones, the reality is many like the comfort and sense of secureness that video surveillance brings. And where would reality TV be without security cameras posted on just about every street corner. In a similar fashion, the Archerfish Mobile Video Intelligence surveillance system empowers us to keep a close eye – some might say, spy – on what we value whether it’s our kids, home, business and alert us when something’s up.

The main difference with the Archerfish system is that alerts you by text or video footage only when certain “events” occur, which you define. Alerts can be sent to your cell or similar mobile device, as an email or to a customised web portal.

Unlike more conventional systems, you don’t need to monitor video around-the-clock or trawl through footage or rely on motion alarms.

Using a combination of video cameras, intelligent software (Smartbox) and a custom web portal (SmartPortal), Archerfish watches your premises for “events”. They can be defined as person, vehicle, intelligent object motion or external sensor trigger. This means the system can tell the difference between a human being and inanimate object like a car passing the camera.

At the same time, if the camera is triggered by human movement, you can check to see whether it's a family member, an intruder or a delivery. You can also check live video through the SmartPortal, as long as you have access to a PC or web-enabled device.

In the event, the internet goes down, Archerfish stores video events and forwards them when the link is restored. Multiple Smartboxes can be set up in one or different locations and managed through the portal.

The Archerfish system doesn't only have consumer and residential uses. The system makers Cerium are looking at applying the technology to government and industry. For instance, it can be used to "look for" parcels or bags left behind in sensitive areas such as airports and train stations. It can also be used to follow people's movements through a building.

Cerium also sees uses in retail spaces, where the system can analyze what customers like or where they stop to browse and even use analytics, not unlike how retailers can analyze their online clientele.

The Archerfish system costs USD$1,499, which consists of an Archerfish Smartbox, Archerfish SmartPortal, two cameras and cables.

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