Archos has announced a new range of high-end tablets at CES, known as the Titanium line. Four tablets will bear the new moniker, with sizes varying between 7 and 10.1 inches and prices ranging from US$119 to $249.

It's clear that Archos' intention with the Titanium line is to find a compromise between premium specs and a low price point. The new range comes in 7, 8, 10.1 and 9.7-inch variants, which are named accordingly (70, 80 and 101 Titanium, and 97 Titanium HD). All of the devices feature an A9 1.6 GHz dual-core CPU, quad-core GPU, aluminum construction, and run on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). Users will get full access to both the Google Play content service and the Archos Media Center. All variants feature high-definition IPS capacitive multi-touch displays.

The new Titanium line from Archos

One thing that stands out about the Titanium line is that each variant has been designed with a competing product in mind. The company's press release states that the 70 Titanium aims to offer “similar features to competitors such as Amazon, at a better price point." The 80 Titanium and 97 Titanium HD feature a 4:3 aspect ratio and are designed to compete with the iPad and iPad Mini.

The 97 Titanium HD has already appeared on the Archos website. The listing tells us more about the spec of the device, including front facing 2-megapixel and rear facing 5-megapixel cameras, 8 GB internal storage, a microSD card slot and 1 GB RAM. The tablet weighs 640g (1.41 lbs) and features a resolution of 2048 x 1536.

The Archos 97 Titanium HD is designed to compete with Apple's iPad

The tablets will set you back $119 and $169 for the the 70 Titanium and 80 Titanium respectively, while the 101 comes in at $199. The Archos 97 Titanium HD is priced at $249 in the US, making it half the cost of Apple's iPad. Though the company's press release lists the UK price for the 97 HD as £199, the product is available for order from the Archos UK site for a more costly £249. There's no word yet on global availability for the range.

Source: Archos

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