Boutique German sports car maker Artega has partnered with auto electronics manufacturer Paragon for its latest creation – the all-electric, rear-wheel drive Scalo. Unveiled at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the two-seater Artega Scalo harbors some interesting tech both inside and out, including an adjustable rear spoiler and a curved OLED display in the center console.

The basic styling and body design for the Scalo is very similar to the 2011 Artega SE, through reflecting the larger powerplant and a greater emphasis on aerodynamics. The Copper-colored carbon composite body has a sleeker, yet more aggressive profile, and sports an automatic, electrically adjustable rear spoiler with gurney, and extendable flaps.

Inside, there are two Voltabox synchronous, water-cooled, high-performance electric motors that crank 300 kW (402 bhp) and 575 ft-lb (779 Nm) of torque thanks to a 37 kWh li-ion battery pack backed up by nickel-manganese-cobalt supercapacitor banks. According to Artega, this allows the Scalo to do 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 3.6 seconds with an electronically-limited top speed of 155 mph (249 km/h).

In normal driving, the supercar can attain a range of 250 mi (402 km) and with its 64 kW DC quick charger it recharges in under an hour.

For those who like the idea of electric performance but miss the aural assault normally associated with sports cars, Artega has added synthetic motor sounds for a suitable roar.

Inside the Artega Scola there's a wireless device connection and charging system, a multifunction steering wheel with gesture control, plus a split curved OLED display with Apple Carplay on top and in-vehicle information and controls on the bottom. The curved display is a prototype at this point, but the company believes it will be market ready by launch time. In addition, microphones in the driver's seat belt are designed to facilitate better hands-free calling and voice control, and for entertainment, there's an 800 W, 13-speaker sound system by Paragon.

The Artega Scola goes in sale in Europe next year in a limited run of 12 units priced at €170,000 (US$192,000).

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