Artificial Life offers live SMS to TV shows

Artificial Life offers live SMS to TV shows
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October 29, 2004 The 'killer app' to create interactive terrestrial television may have arrived with Hong Kong-based company Artificial Life, signing a license agreement with Swiss-based Black Pencil Entertainment to sell, customise and distribute a TV/SMS interaction technology called "SMS Galaxy".

SMS Galaxy allows TV viewers to send SMS messages to live TV shows and interact with the show and its host through the SMS message.

The TV station can visualise each SMS participant as an interactive 3D animated graphic icon and select individual SMS players for lucky draws or direct communication via phone.

Black Pencil has developed and produced interactive telephone computer games for TV channels since 1991. The Company has more than 1000 hours of live show experience in various TV stations in different countries.

The telephonic "Mini Game" ran for seven years as a daily live show in Switzerland and pulled the highest ratings in daytime TV.

Hopes are high for similar ratings success with the TV/SMS technology being licensed throughout Australasia, India and Africa, with all major TV stations in Greater China, Korea and Japan being targeted.

Participating contestsants can be viewed several ways

Artificial Life are a leading provider of intelligent agent based mobile and Internet technology and applications, and are also the makers of the 'Virtual Girlfriend'

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