Aspirus is a desktop workstation that is designed to take some of the legwork out of the standing desk. Raising and lowering at the press of a button, the Aspirus pairs with a smartphone to allow workers to set standing goals and reminders. They can also keep track of how long they've been sitting or standing, with an onboard sensor array ensuring time away from the desk isn't counted.

Like the Elevate, Torax and Varidesk, the Aspirus sits on any standard desk to convert it into a standing desk. However, where the Varidesk can require a bit of effort to transition from siting to standing position, the Aspirus has a built in motor that allows it to do so at the touch of a button. The Aspirus team tells Gizmag the motor is silent, and transitioning between the seated and fully elevated modes takes just a few seconds.

But what really distinguishes the Aspirus from other desks is the inclusion of a small sensor array that communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth. An infrared and a temperature sensor combine with additional sensors inside the unit so the desk "knows" when you're in front of it and whether you are sitting or standing. This allows the app to collect accurate real-time data of your sitting and standing habits throughout the day.

The unit is available with a number of options including mounts for one or two monitors as well as a laptop shelf. There are other thoughtful touches as well, including a subtle "do not disturb" LED indicator built into the side of the workstation to let people know when you're looking to concentrate on the job at hand.

Apps to control the workstation, set goals and monitor your progress will be available for both iOS and Android, and are slated for release at the same time the units start to ship. According to the company timeline on its Indiegogo page, that ought to be around September of 2016 if all goes according to plans.

Early backers of the company's campaign can jump in on the smart standing action for US$499 (64 percent off the stated retail price), while health-conscious office managers can order 5-packs of workstations for $2,495.

More information is available on the Aspirus in the video below.

Source: Indiegogo

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