When you're preparing for one of the world's biggest, most challenging car races, sometimes it's good to let the butterflies out of the cage and blow off some steam. Aston Martin Racing team members did just that when they parked their V8 Vantage GTE cars and dropped into the "cockpit" of something a little more compact and playful – Razor Crazy Carts specially dressed in authentic Aston Martin trim.

The Crazy Carts in question were prepared by the 'Q by Aston Martin' personalization service, receiving a hand-painted Stirling Green body, hand-stitched leather and Alcantara seat, specially trimmed steering wheel and other upgrades. Having tried our hand at Crazy Carting a few times ourselves, we know that any upgrade in comfort is sure to be a bonus - the Crazy Cart is a rather intimidating and foreign environment for a first-timer and definitely not the most comfortable.

"This is my 14th year here at Le Mans, and I've never driven anything so sideways on this circuit," Aston driver Darren Turner said of the experience. "We're a competitive bunch and as soon as the helmets were on, this race was no different."

At one point in the video below, two of the drivers even attempted to gain more speed during a head-to-head stretch by pushing off with their feet, like skateboarding. We guess when you're used to driving the 480-bhp Vantage GTE, a little go-cart, no matter how loose and slippery in back, feels a touch underpowered.

Watch all the Aston Martin Crazy Cart madness below.

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