Taiwan's own AsusTek kicked off Computex 2010 today with Chairman Jonney Shih announcing of three tablets, the Eee Tablet, the 12" Eee Pad EP121 and the 10" Eee Pad EP101TC. The biggest surprise? Asus is claiming an iPad-like ten hour battery life for all three devices. With battery life being such a crucial benchmark for tablets, we hope this figure holds up to real world usage.

ASUS Eee Tablet

An amalgam of the notepad and the e-reader, the Eee Tablet will likely appeal to as many artists as it does students. Instead of e-ink, Asus has used a backlight-less 8-inch (1024x768) TFT-LCD display with 64 shades of grey, which gives the Eee Tablet the ability to turn pages in just one tenth of a second. With a touch resolution of 2450 dpi, this is apparently one of the most accurate touch displays available. Lecture slides can be snapped with the 2 megapixel camera and "written" on instantly. Expansion is provided by USB and microSD slots.

ASUS Eee Pad EP121

The 12" Eee Pad EP121 runs on a CULV Core 2 Duo CPU, and while most tablets choose power-sipping operating systems, Asus has gone with Windows 7 Home Premium, and still claims a 10 hour battery life. The keyboard setup is decidedly iPad-esque - you can use an on-screen keyboard or a docking station-slash-keyboard device. The Eee Pad comes with a web camera, runs Adobe's Flash. No price was mentioned for the EP121, though the tablet is likely to become available in Q1, 2011.

ASUS Eee Pad EP101TC

Asus is saying even less about the 10" EP101TC than it is about the EP121. It's 675g and 12.2mm thick, and runs Windows Embedded Compact 7. It's also got a 10 hour battery.

A ballpark price of USD$399 to 449 was mentioned, undercutting Apple's iPads which sell from USD$499 to $699.

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