Few would doubt that the ability to stream media wirelessly around the home will, in one form or another, be fundamental to the future of home entertainment. It would seem strange then, that a product apparently versatile enough to wirelessly send video and audio from a PC to an HDTV hasn’t received more support, and the new Atlona PC to Computer Monitor/HDTV Wireless adapter is one of few on the market designed for this purpose.

Earlier this year we reported on IOGEAR’s wireless solution, and the Atlona seems to work in a similar way. The package comprises of an A/V dock that includes VGA, HDMI and1/4” mini stereo connections, designed to wirelessly receive audio and video transmitted from a USB dongle attached to a PC.

It’s capable of resolutions up to 1400x1050 (or up to 720p video) and can transmit a mirrored or extended 4:3/16:9 display up to 30 feet without line of sight. Both outputs are active at the same time as well, so up to two displays can be used simultaneously.

Atlona suggests applications such as sending video to a projector for business presentations and sending video to a TV in a living room, but we think they’re missing a trick by not focusing on the gaming market as well. With an appropriate wireless mouse and keyboard/games controller it would seem like a massive advantage to be able to play the latest titles via a TV screen and for those with a powerful PC, could all but eliminate the need for a games console.

One of the reasons why these devices haven’t hit the mainstream yet could be because they aren’t particularly stable. We’ve actually tested out IOGEAR’s version, and to say that it was temperamental would be an understatement, to say the least.

Atlona may have done a better job, but it’ll cost you US$219 to find out.