Auburn Speedster reborn

Auburn Speedster reborn
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July 30, 2007 The Auburn automobile was among the most distinctive and beautiful cars ever built with its long hood, pointed boat tail and exceptionally elegant pontoon fenders. Now Speedster Motorcars has been authorized by the original Auburn Manufacturing Company to produce modern replicas of the Auburn Boattail Speedster.

The new Speedster is a meticulously hand-crafted replica created with the Auburn Automobile Company's original Boattail Speedster design specifications and molds in hand. Speedster Motorcars blends yesterday's classic design with today's state-of-the-art technology including improved handling, ride, reliability and standard amenities. The chassis, which is exclusive to Speedster Motorcars, blends the steering precision and handling of the world's finest sports cars with the responsive ride rivaling today's most expensive luxury vehicles.

Every component of the replica, from the chrome windshield to the power windows, is carefully hand-fitted by a craftsman's experienced touch. The hand laid fiberglass construction with tubular cross member frame and Vortec 5.3L V-8 engine make for an outstanding ride and the luxurious interior seats are covered with hand-selected leather hides, perfectly matched for shade and grain then painstakingly sewn with meticulous attention to detail. The new specifications can be found here.

The original Auburn Speedster was a two-seat roadster marketed in 1935-1936 and priced at US$2,245. Only 500 of the long-hooded classics were built in this period - the pointed boat tail along with pontoon fenders, Vee-type windshield, cutout doors and four showy chrome-plated exhaust pipes on the left side contributed to its unmistakeable rakish appearance. Capable of speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour, the Auburn Speedster set more than 70 speed records and held all U.S. stock-car speed records up to 24 hours and 15,000 miles.

The Speedster Motorcars modern replica of the Auburn Boattail Speedster retails for US$125,000.

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