Audi is previewing its wagon of the future with the debut of a gorgeous concept at the Geneva Motor Show. The Audi prologue Avant show car takes the design philosophy of last year's Prologue concept and applies it to a wagon body.

Measuring up at 5.11 meters (16.8 ft) long and 1.97 meters (6.5 ft) wide, the prologue Avant certainly isn’t lacking presence. Up front, Audi’s Singleframe grille sits lower than it does on any of the brand’s production cars, while the broad chrome slats accentuate the car’s width on the road. The grille sits below slim headlights showcasing Audi’s laser-matrix headlamp technology.

The Avant’s styling doesn’t completely forget where Audi has come from, however. The car’s blistered wheel arches hark back to the Quattro Audis of the 1980’s and cover five spoke, 22-inch wheels wrapped in 285/30 tires.

As a showcase for Audi’s technological capability, the prologue Avant is fitted with a suitably advanced powertrain. Derived from the Q7 e-tron’s hybrid setup, the Avant prologue combines diesel with electric power for a total of 335 kW (455 hp) and 750 Nm (553 lb.ft) of torque – good enough for a 0-100km/h (62 mph) sprint time of just 5.1 seconds, only slightly slower than the brand's turbocharged petrol-only S3.

Audi is claiming an all-electric range of 54 km (33.6 miles) from the 14.1 kWh battery and charging the Avant is via a wireless charging solution currently in development, although Audi hasn’t provided details about when the system will be ready for series production.

Maneuvering such a big car isn’t easy, so Audi has fitted this concept with a rear-wheel steering system similar to that fitted to the Porsche 911 GT3. The system turns the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the fronts at low speed, while at high speed the rears turn in the same direction as the fronts for a feeling of greater stability.

Inside, the slim, wide dashboard and minimalist design means occupants are treated to an open, airy feel, while the driver has access to key information about the car and infotainment through Audi’s virtual cockpit setup. Drivers can access climate control and infotainment settings through a bendable OLED touchscreen, while two removable tablets similar to those in the Q7 sit behind the front headrests to keep rear seat passengers entertained. Audi has also fitted the Avant prologue with a virtual butler that recognizes the driver’s smartphone and configures the car based on their preferences.

The Avant will be on display at the Geneva Auto Show, where Gizmag's Chris Weiss will be on the ground covering all the action.

Source: Audi

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