As evidenced by its Wall of Sound and Wall of Sound 2 iPod docks, Studio Total (ST) doesn't do things by halves. The agency has now taken its speaker creations and crammed them into a Cocoon 1 to create the AudioOrb, a speaker you can actually get inside.

To create the AudioOrb, the Stockholm-based ST team collaborated with multidisciplinary experimental studio Petter Johansson Art Direction and Design (PJADAD), which is affiliated with Micasa Lab, the creator of the Cocoon 1. The team started with a Cocoon, a clear plastic sphere designed to give users some personal space, and replaced the usual storage modules with 18 speakers.

The speakers are surrounded with Tempur pillow modules to provide a comfortable place to recline in the sphere that will block out most of the noise from the outside world while enjoying some tunes.

The AudioOrb is the subject of an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, with just one pledge tier of US$15,000 available. Only two AudioOrbs are up for grabs, which ST says could be the only two ever built – providing there are two backers each willing to pony up the required $15,000.

Source: indiegogo