March 10, 2008, New parents have enough to worry about without trying to cut their newborn’s tiny fingernails with traditional clippers or scissors. It’s hard enough managing to get hold of their little fingers, let alone stressing about accidents and as baby’s fingernails grow quickly, you’ll have to trim them about once a week.

Also, newborn infants don’t have control of their hands so if you don’t trim their nails inevitably your little one will scratch his face or neck and end up looking as though you’ve let him play with the family cat!

A new mother faced with these problems has designed Baby Light & Clip, unique baby nail clippers that have an in-built light which aids vision and helps prevent accidents. Baby Light & Clip illuminates the area beneath the nail showing exactly which part needs to be trimmed and any sharp nail edges. The safety guards help to keep baby’s fingertip away from the cutting blades and the nails fall into a little compartment which means you won’t have to search for them in baby's bedding.

Some pediatricians recommend that for safety reasons, you cut your baby‘s fingernails when they’re asleep as they’re less likely to move, so Baby Light & Clip is ideal in a dark or dimly-lit nursery.

It comes with a storage case, is powered by a AA battery and the handle is designed for comfort and control. Priced at less than US$15, it’s not a lot to pay for painless, safe and stress-free nail trimming.

See BabyLightandClip for retailers and a video demonstration.

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