There's no shortage of baby monitors out there, even high-tech ones. Previously we've seen devices which let parents check on their little ones using an iPhone or iPad, and others which swivel to track them, wherever they are. But designer Denny Tsai thinks he's come up with something unique – a baby monitor which is fitted into a cot mobile.

Tsai, who came up with his concept while attending the Art Center College of Design in California, says his creation would give a bird’s eye view of a baby lying in a cot as well as performing all the usual functions normally associated with a baby monitor and crib mobile. It would act as a nightlight, play lullabies, and the speakers would act as a two-way radio so that parents could always hear their baby and talk to them remotely.

What makes his Aegis different from current offerings is that a camera is fitted within the mobile – but out of reach of the baby – giving a unique view from above, which is better than most baby monitors on the market which have to be positioned off to the side. "A baby mobile is often the first toy that any baby gets," Tsai told Gizmag. "It's attached to the baby's crib and helps them develop their spatial reasoning skills."

After realizing this and researching the needs of parents, he decided that combining a baby monitor with the mobile would be logical and set about designing his product. "The most important aspect is that the baby mobile has a camera that is out of the baby's reach," Tsai added. "This is important because other monitors on the market can be kicked over by an over-energetic baby, it also provides a better view of the baby at all times."

Unfortunately, as the baby monitor mobile is only a concept, there are no plans for production. The Philips logo is present, as designing it to fit in with a product range already on the market was part of the project. Tsai estimates it would retail for around US$150 if taken to market and that it would be made out of acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS and various other non-toxic polymers.

In case you're thinking that sounds a bit steep, Tsai has an answer for you. "Ask any mother what the price of her child's safety is. Over the course of a year, this is less than 50 cents a day!"

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