Bam City bar flexes to smooth out the potholes

Bam City bar flexes to smooth ...
Baramind's Bam City handlebar
Baramind's Bam City handlebar
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Baramind's Bam City handlebar
Baramind's Bam City handlebar

When serious cyclists want a little more vibration damping (or lower weight) in their handlebars, they'll often shell out hundreds of bucks for a carbon fiber bar. French company Baramind, however, wants to extend the concept of shock-absorbing handlebars to everyday commuters, with the not-so-expensive but even-flexier Bam City.

Baramind has already been making small-bump-absorbing bars for mountain bikers, for three years now.

Those bars feature a flexible section in the middle, made from "a complex combination of fiberglass and carbon." Rigid inserts attached to the top of that section keep it from flexing upward, so it doesn't take up the rider's energy when they're pulling on the bars. This still leaves it able to flex downwards, although the extent to which it can do so is determined by another set of inserts on its underside – these are available in hard, medium and soft varieties, depending on the user's preference.

The new Bam City model works on the same basic principle, although it's made from a less-expensive "composite hybrid," which was reportedly created for use in the aeronautics industry. The bar was developed in collaboration with an engineering laboratory, a specialized material manufacturer and an industrial partner.

It tips the scales at 350 grams (12.3 oz).

Baramind is currently raising production funds for the Bam City, on Indiegogo. A pledge of €39 (about US$44) will get you one, if all goes according to plan. Should you be interested in the already-available Bam XC mountain bike bar, it sells for €169 ($189).

The Bam City can be seen in use, in the following video.

Sources: Baramind, Indiegogo


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1 comment
In 1994 I took delivery of a Roberts DB custom bike, fitted with a Girvin Flexstem which provides similar performance for a lot less money!