For those of you who don’t know, a “banana hammock” is ... well, just Google it (but be warned, it’s kind of NSFW). A BananaHama, on the other hand, is one of the latest attempts at a more comfortable bicycle. Its long curved frame is kind of reminiscent of a banana, and instead of a conventional saddle, it has a little hammock.

First of all, don’t go expecting to see a BananaHama Bike on a highway or singletrack trail anytime soon. Created by metal designer Brent Ingram in sunny Los Angeles (where else?), these are very much intended to be laid-back comfort bikes.

Besides their reportedly very butt-friendly seating arrangement, BananaHamas also feature feakishly-long upright handlebars (so no hunching over is required), plus their almost-recumbent orientation allows riders to firmly place their feet on the ground when stopped – not unlike bikes currently already being offered by companies such as Electra.

Plans call for three main models of BananaHama to be produced – the 18-speed Beach Cruiser, the more street-riding-oriented 27-speed Urban, and the more toddler-oriented Mini tricycle. A Custom option will also be available, for buyers who don’t think that an off-the-rack BananaHama is quite eye-catching enough. Optional extras include a sunshade canopy, a surfboard-carrying mount, and a faux fur-lined hammock/seat.

Ingram and his team are currently raising production funds, on Kickstarter. Assuming that the funding goal is met, a pledge of US$175 will get you a Mini, $680 will get you a Beach Cruiser, and an Urban can be yours for $1,100.

The various models can be seen in action in the pitch video below. If you like the idea of the hammock seating but want something even more unusual, you can also look into getting yourself an ultra-bizarre Pedersen bike.

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