Belkin BreakFree protects amplifiers and guitars

Belkin BreakFree protects ampl...
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July 22, 2008 If you’ve ever owned an Apple laptop and experienced the plain practicality and common sense of the MagSafe magnetic power cord connector, which detaches under extreme tension, you’ll understand our excitement at Belkin’s announcement of its new BreakFree adapters for amplifiers and guitars. The connectors are designed to eliminate the popping that occurs when cables are unplugged from a live amplifier.

The connectors are designed to provide noise-free dynamic sound without any degradation in audio quality and there are other advantages too – if you use multiple guitars in your show, the connectors make swapping guitars very easy, and does not require the amp to be put on standby or powered down.

The system will ship in all major markets in September, with the BreakFree connectors at US$20 and two BreakFree tips sell for US$10.

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