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Belkin HDMI 2-to-1 Video Switch

Belkin HDMI 2-to-1 Video Switch
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December 5, 2007 Since its introduction, HDMI has quickly become the connection of choice when connecting HD devices to HDTVs due to the quality of sound and image it is able to deliver and the convenience of having one cable for both sound and video. Unfortunately many of the earlier HDTV’s sitting in lounge rooms around the world came equipped with only one HDMI input – fine back in the days when HDMI devices were thin on the ground, not so good now that HDMI devices are proliferating. This has led to a similar proliferation in HDMI switches that allow two or more HD devices to be connected through the one HDMI input. One such device is Belkin’s new HDMI 2-to-1 Video Switch which links two HD devices to a HDTV through a single HDMI or DVI connection. Supporting 480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p resolutions the unit comes with an IR remote which lets users toggle between two HDMI devices, such as a HD-DVD player and video game console, to enjoy full 1080p video on your HDTV.

The Belkin HDMI 2-to-1 Video Switch is currently available in the US and Canada with a retail price of US$49.99 and is due to arrive in Europe, Asia and Australia in March 2008.

For further info visit Belkin.

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