Google must be pleased with the work BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) has done on its Charleston East and London digs, as the tech giant has commissioned the high-profile architecture firm to design yet another new campus. This one is planned for Sunnyvale, California, and comprises two green-roofed buildings with long, sloping terraces.

Though the Charleston East and London projects are collaborations between BIG and Heatherwick Studio, the Sunnyvale campus, named Caribbean due to its location on Caribbean Drive in the Moffett Park area, sees BIG handling the design duties alone.

The Caribbean campus will be centered around two similar buildings rising to five stories and having a total floorspace of 505,078 sq ft (46,923 sq m) and 537,000 sq ft (49,888 sq m), respectively. The buildings will be topped by partially green roofs and sport gently sloping terraces that offer access to each floor. The slopes will also host outdoor gathering spaces and cafes.

The building will serve as workplace for up to 4,500 Google staff. A total of 2,085 parking spaces will be available, both underground and on the surface. Cycling, shuttles, and public transportation will also encourage the use of non-car transport.

The Caribbean campus is slated for LEED Gold (a green building standard) and will focus on energy efficiency and minimizing water usage, including the planting of native, low-water greenery. The office interiors will feature natural daylight, while some degree of solar power and greywater recycling is a reasonable bet, too.

Assuming all goes well with city planners, the Caribbean campus is expected to be completed during, or sometime after, 2021. Google has a strong presence in the city already and has bought up property and donated money to local causes in the past.

Sources: Google, BIG

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