The BigFish Line+ E-bike is one of those electric bikes that's designed to make you swoon at the press of a button. One of the stars of the recent Eurobike 2013 show, this bike's button-operated folding system has the bike collapsing in seconds into a compact package that can be pulled in trolley fashion or wheeled around. In fact, it's so portable that it's possible to squeeze two of them into the boot of most standard cars.

There's no need to struggle with screws or try out any specific folding order – the bike folds down with a simple button press in 10 seconds, into a compact 106 x 66 x 28 cm (41 x 26 x 11 in) package. Instead of having to subsequently lug around the folded version, which is a common hassle with some other models, the Line+ lets you wheel it around as you walk.

While its 40-cm (16-in) wheels appear to be a tad small, the overall design makes the most of them, and the 19.3-kg (42.5-lb) bike reportedly delivers a smooth riding experience without any jumps when pedaling, thanks to the motor's torque sensor.

Equipped with a centrally-placed Sunstar SO3 motor, the bike can be operated in Eco, Normal and Turbo modes. It changes gear automatically according to the rider's speed via the Shimano Nexus 3 internal hub.

Other features of interest include an asymmetric handlebar that ensures a slim fold, a SunStar Electro kit crank set, double-sided two-way folding pedals, and a removable battery.

The BigFish Line+ E-bike is set to launch at the end of the year for a price of €2,149 (US$2,839).

A new prototype, currently unnamed, features the same frame and a bigger battery, allowing for a greater range. Key features include a speed sensor as opposed to a torque sensor and a different motor which we don't have the specs for yet. There's no word as to the release date, but this bike will have a lower price point at approximately at €1,500 ($1,982).

Take a look at how the Line+ folds down in 10 seconds, in the video below.

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