Biodegradable water container made from corn

Biodegradable water container made from corn
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November 5, 2004 A brand of plastic water bottle made from corn is going on sale in America that is 100% environmentally friendly and bio-degrades in about 80 days in commercial composting environments. Biota contains naturally filtered Rocky Mountain spring water direct from Colorado's San Juan Mountains.

Standard soda and water beverage containers are made from petroleum-based products which do not degrade in similar composting conditions. With crude oil hovering around US $50 a barrel, plastic made from corn is also an important economic alternative. Not only is corn a more planet-friendly option (from production to disposal), but the cost of using corn is roughly even with petroleum-based bottles.

Biota will be unveiled at the Pilgrim Lutheran Elementary School in Los Angeles as part of an environmental initiative to help teach children how plastic bottles are made from corn, as well as composted and renewed.

The Container Recycling Institute estimates that more than 89 percent of plastic water bottles - approximately 40 million each day - end up as trash or litter.

Bottled water consumption has more than doubled since introduction and California alone consumes 1.6 million gallons a year, making the Biota degradable container a timely and earth friendly renewable resource.

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1 comment
Anumakonda Jagadeesh
Such products are needed to prevent environmental pollution.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India