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Bionomic Seating an ergonomic sitting solution

Bionomic Seating an ergonomic sitting solution
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November 15, 2004 The most important piece of office equipment is arguably the chair, as it has the most direct influence on the user and contributes to health, efficiency and productivity over extended periods of time. Yet many people continue to suffer from bad seating that causes back and spinal problems and occupational health and safety issues for business. Now Australian based Bionomic Seating Solutions has unveiled a new design in ergonomic seating that works to save your entire body from the stress of sitting.

Bionomic Seating Solutions latest range of innovative chairs has been tested by the staff at Gizmag and we can attest to their unparalleled comfort and practicality. The difference is in the adjustable, patented seatpan, which supports your pelvic and lower spine in the most effective posture to minimise muscle stress and strain. The result is an optimal body posture, which means less fatigue and higher productivity for you and your team.

The Theory Of Bionomics

Traditional ergonomics comes from the study of anthropometrics, the study of human body measurement for use in anthropological classification and comparison. Bionomics is the study of how thecurvatures of the spine develop by bearing the load of gravity. When a baby is born, the spine looks like a C shape, as the baby grows; the second and third curvatures usually develop by when the baby begins crawling. These three curves in the spinal column create a stable load bearing environment. A lack of curvature from improper alignment decreases the body's resistance to gravity and causes injury and muscle fatigue over time.

Dr. Jeffrey J. Herbert, the designer of the Bionomic Seating System has 14 years of experience with biodynamic research. He came to the understanding that the most physiological efficient posture in the human body is standing - and that standard office chairs are based on 1960s ergonomics - knees and trunk at 90 degrees - which can have a destructive long term effect. Dr herbert consistently saw seating injuries and couldn't find a chair which helped to correct them, so he formed his own company with Bionomic Seating Solutions to create a true ergonomic alternative.

"Peak human efficiency is achieved by having an optimal interaction of balance between the internal and external environments. The goal is to have the internal environment operating at highest efficiency thus allowing the mind/body to direct the maximum conscious attention towards the external environment, namely the task at hand. The state of the mental, chemical, structural elements represent the physiological state of the organism in that given moment of time," said Dr. Herbert.

Adjusting the height

The feet should rest flat to the floor, allowing the legs to move freely with the chair in different positions. Calf muscles in the legs are relaxed. The knees need to be positioned slightly below the hips.

Adjusting the seatpan

The Bionomic patented seatpans have a unique forward and backwards adjustability that allows you to adjust to multiple postures whilst always returning you to balance with gravity.

Adjusting the backrest

The Bionomic backrest movement spans the entire lumber spine. The backrest can be brought forward towards your lower spine to nestle into your lumbar spine.

Adjusting the arms

The armrests height can be adjusted until they are at a comfortable supportive position. Too high and your shoulders will be elevated; too low and you will have to slump or lean to one side, both of which can cause back and neck strain. The Elite chair's armrests also move freely out of the way during typing or other activity.

The latest range includes the Elite and Pro Bionomic Seats. The Elite features an executive high back of 504 mm, leather fabric, polished chrome base with or without scuff pads, polished castors and height adjustable arms. The Pro features a standard 410 mm back, pure wool fabric, a standard nylon base, standard castors and standard height adjustable arms. The chairs are available through the company web site at or at Gainsville furniture stores and Ergonomic Office in Australia and retail for approximately AUD$695 for the Pro and AUD$995 for the Elite.

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