Visitors to one of Kenya's premier safari destinations can take up a luxurious new vantage point for the country's famous wildlife. The Nay Palad Bird Nest Hotel nestles its guests amongst the treetops, with views of the surrounding savannah in all directions.

The hotel sits alongside a river in Kenya's Segera Retreat, an award-winning wildlife sanctuary that is home to herds of elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards and giraffes. After a day out on safari, visitors can return to the hotel to enjoy the sunset from the nest-inspired rooftop.

Intended as a luxury bush retreat, guests at the Nest are treated to champagne and a picnic-style dinner by lantern-light. If they're game, they can sleep out on the open-air decking beneath the stars, or retreat to a sheltered bedroom on the first floor.

They then wake up to a picnic breakfast and watch on as the wildlife gather to drink at the river below. The hotel is designed to sleep two guests but can accommodate up to four, assuming some are happy to sleep on the top deck. Either way, the experience doesn't come cheap, with prices per night starting at US$1,150.

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