It looks like survival jewelry and fashion accessories may become a thing. Earlier this month, we covered the HypeX necklace line from Swiss Army manufacturer Wenger, and now we have a type of wearable survival gear that wraps around your wrist. The Bison Designs Flint and Steel Survival Bracelet gives you several small, easily transported emergency tools.

Bison Designs isn't the only manufacturer to offer paracord bracelets. Several different companies have these bracelets, which are kind of like burly friendship bracelets for adults - adults that fancy themselves getting lost and isolated in the wilderness. These bracelets typically wind about 15 feet (4.6 m) of paracord around your wrist. If you ever find yourself in need of some rope or a knot, you have it at your disposal.

For the average paracord bracelet, "survival" might be a bit of hyperbole - the paracord will probably be used for simple tasks like replacing a broken bootlace or guying your tent as opposed to life-lining your dangling hide off a 2,000-foot cliff. It's more of a utilitarian bracelet than a survival bracelet.

The Flint and Steel, on the other hand, brings a little bit more legitimate survival cred to your arm. Not only do you get the 15 to 17 feet (4.6 to 5.2 m) of 550-test paracord, the bracelet includes a one-inch (2.5 cm), stainless steel eye knife buried inside the woven paracord. The knife won't exactly take the place of a full blade, but it will work in conjunction with the flint clasp to start a fire. It should also be ample for small cutting tasks like slicing through the paracord or duct tape.

The Flint and Steel is an innovative way of carrying a few survival basics with you wherever you are. It retails for US$25 and is one of the few bracelets a man can wear without getting called metrosexual by at least one of his friends. Bison also offers a version with just the knife for $12.50, but if you're going to walk around with a survival bracelet, you might as well load it up with every tool they offer.

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