When it comes to traipsing around the great outdoors, less is certainly more in terms of baggage. That's why we always see such an emphasis on making adventure gear as light as possible, something Kenny Flannery can certainly lay claim to with his ultralight BivyPack.

The 1-lb (450-g) BivyPack was dreamt up by Flannery after more than a decade of non-stop travel, and is actually a more compact, lighter and refined follow-up to an earlier backpack-bivy tent combo he successfully crowdfunded in 2016.

In backpack form, the new BivyPack meets the criteria for airline carry-on and includes pockets on the outside for things like a water bottle and rain jacket that contribute to the pack's overall capacity of 40 L (10.5 gal).

The exterior is made from hex-grid ripstop nylon claimed to be highly waterproof and durable, which wraps around a carbon fiber frame thoughtfully shaped to create a space for ventilation between the pack and your back to avoid the build up of sweat. It is also fitted with adjustable hip and chest straps to help spread the load on longer hikes.

When it comes time to set up camp, the carbon fiber frame slides out and expands the bivy as it goes, turning into tent poles on either side of where your head will rest. The mesh fabric makes use of a breathable laminate film that Flannery says will let vapor from sweat and breath escape while offering resistance to rain (and bugs).

For extra protection, the bivy is designed so that a rain jacket can be clipped onto the outside, while a foot vent provides airflow through the other end. All up, the bivy measures 8.5 ft (2.6 m) long and 28 in (70 cm) across the shoulders. It is said to be suitable for people up to 6 ft 6 in (198 cm) tall.

Flannery has returned to Kickstarter to fund the upgraded BivyPack, and has set out to raise US$10,000 for production, with $5,300 collected in pledges at the time of writing. An early pledge of $299 will have one shipped your way in June if everything runs as planned.

You can check out the pitch video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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