Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go: portable speaker system AND car subwoofer

Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go: portab...
Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go
Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go
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Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go
Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go

January 17, 2008 Blaupunkt has revealed a headphone-jack portable stereo speaker system that can be converted into car audio subwoofers. The Velocity 2Go speakers can connect to any device with headphone output jacks, and when used in a car, deliver deep, clean bass to complement the basic four-speaker audio system.

The $US399.95 Velocity 2Go 5 and the US$449.95 Velocity 2Go 6 feature high-efficiency amplifiers, two long-throw polypropylene woofers and two sild-dome tweeters in a sturdy, ported aluminum enclosure. Power for the four bi-amp configured amplifiers and active crossovers is supplied by a car's 12-volt electrical system, an AC adapter, or rechargeable AA batteries sustained by a built-in charger. A defeatable auto-turn-on function activates whenever an audio signal is detected.

The Velocity 2Go 5 features dual 5-1/4-inch woofers, and a pair of 3/4-inch tweeters in an eight liter enclosure, and is capable of linear frequency response from 50 Hz to 25000 kHz. The larger Velocity 2Go 6 employs 6-1/2-inch woofers and 1-inch tweeters in a 15-liter enclosure, making it capable of higher output, and has a linear response down to 40 Hz.

In addition to the 3.5mm headphone jack input, there are also rear-panel RCA inputs for use with variable line-level outputs from a home, preamplifier, TV set, or other audio device. The unit's built-in amplifiers are capable of delivering a combined output of up to 160 watts of power (80 watts RMS) when connected to either an AC or 12-volt DC source, and 60 Watts max (30 watts RMS) when powered by eight standard rechargeable AA batteries.

When used as a powered car subwoofer, the Velocity 2Go's low pass active filter network limits reproduction to frequencies below 120 Hz and removes the tweeters as an audio source. There are a complete range of subwoofer controls, including gain, low-pass frequency, and signal phase adjustments to ensure seamless integration with existing car stereo gear. A rear-panel multi-port input can be used with the included cable to instantly connect the Velocity 2Go to 12 V DC power, speaker-level or RCA audio inputs, making it remarkably fast and simple to hook up to nearly any car audio system. An optional QuickOut Dock is available to provide instant connection and subwoofer mode activation.

Announced at the CES in Las Vegas, the Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go enclosures are made almost entirely of aluminum, with MDF internal walls for reduced cabinet resonance. The aluminum speaker ports also function as amplifier heat sinks with the cooling flow of air increasing in proportion to power levels.

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