You can't accuse Blue Origin of being entirely secretive, considering the company has publicly celebrated after each of its three rocket landings thus far. But when Jeff Bezos' New Shepard vehicle is fired into the air on Sunday he'll be giving space fans a real-time look at the action, with the company set to live stream one of its launches for the first time.

The astronomically curious have been a bit spoilt by the slick public relations machine at rival SpaceX. Elon Musk's company has allowed fans to share the excitement of its forays into space through a series live streams covering both its successes and failures, all presented by informative SpaceX engineers and staffers.

Blue Origin has been comparatively opaque since the launch of its first rocket in April last year. Though it has rightly basked in the glory of its historic rocket landings, this revelry has taken place after the fact through blog posts, rocket-cam videos and cheeky tweets (Bezos even dared to "Welcome SpaceX to the club" following its landing of the Falcon 9 booster in December).

But now its seems intent on stepping from the shadows and putting itself out there. Originally scheduled for today (Friday), New Shepard's fourth launch has now been pushed back to Sunday as a result of a leaking O-ring in the capsule's nitrogen gas pressurization. An exact launch time hasn't been announced yet, but when it does you'll be able to tune in over at

Source: Twitter

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