Not a week goes by without a slicker, faster or more versatile laptop hitting the market, but until wireless power takes off, we're still stuck with the problem of cords and peripherals cluttering up our workspace. The simple but effective StudioDesk from Bluelounge may be the answer. It hides adaptors, hubs, cords and other odds and ends beneath the desk top, leaving you with a clean look and plenty of room to spread yourself out.

Designed specifically for laptop users, the StudioDesk has a storage unit that sits underneath a sliding desk top. An elongated slot runs across the width of the table allowing you to run power cables from your devices into the storage compartment. Only one power cord needs to exit the storage area to plug into the wall.

The table features solid mahogany legs and the table top and storage compartment are covered with durable, easily cleaned white laminate. A faux leather mat covers the desk's sliding laptop surface area. The table measures 28 inches high, 47 inches wide and has a depth of 27.5 inches.

The desk is flat packed for easy shipping (dimensions are 52” X 30.5” X 7.75”) and retails for USD$599.95.

If a tidy workspace is important to you, also check out Bluelounge’s CableDrop, a range of brightly colored, self-adhesive cable clips. These clips hold on to your power cords and other cables so they no longer fall off the desk every time you unplug your devices. They are also useful for keeping cords tidy and can be hidden under desks for a neater look. Available from Bluelounge Bluelounge for USD$9.95.

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