February 27, 2009 From the, “it’s a cute idea, but who would actually buy one” file comes a Bluetooth Portable Rotary Phone from Sparkfun Electronics called the Blue Phone. That’s right, if that miniature Bluetooth headset you’re using is proving just too damn convenient, then why not opt for one of these. The Blue Phone is compatible with any mobile phone that supports the hands-free protocol and works just like rotary phones from the days of yore – loud annoying metallic bells and all.

The Blue Phone is actually an original rotary phone that has been modified, so Sparkfun points out there may be some small scratches and marks on the exterior – it calls this “character”. They also call the phone portable – which is technically true as it is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery that provides 30 hours of running time – but we’d like to see anyone fit this baby into their jacket pocket.

For anyone desperate for a touch of nostalgia the Blue Phone is available now for USD$249.95.

Darren Quick

Source: Sparkfun via Technabob.

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