It's no secret that Star Trek fans are extremely into the technology offered in the franchise. It's with that in mind that The Wand Company has launched a Bluetooth replica of the Star Trek Communicator, just in time for San Diego Comic-Con. Not only does it look just like the beloved piece of technology, but it works.

The device has been designed to look exactly like the Communicator from Star Trek: The Original Series. The Wand Company promises that it used "structured-light 3D scanning" to create an exact replica, so even the most hardcore Trekkies will be able to meticulously inspect it and find that it looks as it should.

The handset itself is made of die-cast aluminum and it also comes with a magnetic stand that features wireless charging.

The functionality of the device is quite standard as Bluetooth speakers go. Users can make and receive calls, and play music through it. The grilled cover can be opened to answer calls, just like it would in Star Trek. It also features sound effects from the show, which is another nice little touch for Trekkies.

The Star Trek The Original Series Communicator Bluetooth Handset is available for preorder now for US$150, and while it will be shown off at Comic-Con, the device isn't shipping until January of next year.

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