Europe's Strat King Thomas Blug brought his full-fat tone knowledge to market earlier this year in the shape of a 100 W boutique amp called the Amp1. The celebrated string picker has been busy adding to his BluGuitar platform ever since, and has now announced that, with the recent addition of two new guitar amp cabinets, the Amp1 System is now complete and available to buy.

The Amp1 System is made up of several separate components. At the top of the BluGuitar food chain is the Amp1, which can now be plugged into the new NanoCab and FatCab guitar cabinets. Described as the smallest 12-inch box with the biggest sound, the 60 W NanoCab is home to a 12-inch BluGuitar Classic speaker. Its 35 x 35 x 27.5 cm (13.8 x 13.8 x 10.8 in), 10 kg (22 lb) Baltic birch enclosure is covered in black vinyl and features dual porting for improved bass response. There's a removable cover for open- or closed-back operation, and single mono input, a parallel out and a serial out connectivity.

The FatCab is the result of Blug's quest to capture the sound character of a 4x12 cabinet in a 1x12 format. The combination of a Thiele Bass-Reflex-System and stiffened casing are said to result in "a defined, dynamic bass sound with sub-bass, usually only associated with 4x12 boxes." That fat bass performance is reported achieved even at low volume. The 60 W FatCab features one 12-inch BluGuitar Fat speaker, sports the same connectivity as the NanoCab but is bigger and heavier, at 37 x 55 x 30 cm (14.6 x 21.7 x 11.8 in) and 15 kg (33 lb).

The Remote1 foot controller places all the functionality of the Amp1 at the player's feet. There are 36 presets available for storing settings, and these are spread over four banks. An optional extension module called the LooperKit is also available which allows players to connect effects pedals to the system and operate them from the Remote1.

The final Amp1 family member is the Vintage Premium Speaker Cable, designed to satisfy Blug's search for the perfect tone and said to help the Amp1 System deliver an open, wide and smooth sound.

The Amp1 System is shipping now. The Amp1 is priced at US$799.99, the NanoCab comes in at $499.99, the FatCab at $599.99, the Remote1 costs $349.99 and the optional LooperKit $249.99. Each speaker cable will set you back $49.

Source: BluGuitar

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