BMW builds some of the hottest metal on four wheels, but it also has a history of running off on tangents. From lightweight bicycles to bobsleds, the company isn't scared to try things outside its traditional realm. The latest side-project is the M Bike Limited Carbon, designed to celebrate the upcoming M5 super-sedan.

Although it has carbon in the name, and a price tag to match, the M Bike actually has a hydro-formed aluminum frame. Carbon fiber has been used for the fork, seat posts and spacers. BMW says the hybrid aluminum/carbon construction delivers an "agile" ride, a claim it also made about the Cruise M-Bike released in 2015. Beside the paintjob, there's very little difference between that bike and the one you see here.

The Limited Carbon swaps Austin Yellow paint for the same shade of Marina Bay Blue used on M5 launch cars. It rides on 28-inch Continental CruiseCONTACT tires, and has hydraulic Shimano disc brakes to keep things in check. Shimano also supplies the gearing, a Deore XT setup.

Every example of the bike has a Limited Carbon Edition badge, and each comes with a certificate of authenticity. BMW doesn't say you have to carry it while you ride the bike, but it certainly can't hurt.

The M Bike Limited Carbon will cost €1,400 (US$1,670). Just 500 examples will be built.

Source: BMW

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