No one has accused the new 7 Series of being low rent or lacking in luxurious touches, but that hasn't stopped BMW's Individual Manufactory department from developing two ultra-exclusive versions of the limousine. With paintwork that incorporates fine glass flakes, diamond trim and lush floormats, the Master Class and Solitaire Edition 7 Series serve to show the huge range of options available to buyers with a taste for the finer things.

Based on the twin-turbo V8 750Li xDrive, the Master Class and Solitaire have been given a thorough re-trimming inside. Gone are the regular leather seats, and in their place are units trimmed in fine-grain Merino leather that has come from flawless, intact hides. Once the top-class cows have given their skins, BMW uses a two-stage process to to re-tan and vacuum dry the leather in a process usually used in expensive leather bags and wallets. This unique leather trim extends to the back panel of the seats, the instrument and door panels and the B-pillars.

Additionally, the sheared lambskin floormats and embroidered Alcantara cushions sitting on the rear seats ensure there are plenty of unique touches to set this apart from run-of-the-mill BMWs.

Because this is a car for people who like being driven, the back seats have been tarted up with a bar compartment and cooler, while the luggage compartment is trimmed in Alcantara to make sure pieces of soft leather luggage aren't damaged on the move. The most overt tweak that has been made to the interior, however, is the optional diamond trim setup that includes inserts on the doors and dashboard.

On the outside, the individual touches on the 7 Series are hidden away in its deep paint job. Instead of relying on traditional body painting processes, Individual Manufactory uses a complex method to embed glass flakes in the final layers of paint to provide a deep gloss finish.

Just six examples of the Solitaire, and one of the Master Class will be built, but the options fitted to these cars can be added to a regular 7 Series if your pockets are deep enough.

Source: BMW

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